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Basic principles / Motivation

What motivates us ……..


If you are interested in a rewarding, trustful and long term relationship with a company which will always offer you ...

Company organisation

How is Delta Control GmbH organized?  Who is responsible for what and how do I find the right contact person? The ...

Company profile

Delta Control combines over 10 years of intelligent automation with corporate ...

Customer structure

For the purposes of defining the customer structure is the percentage of customers with a specific characteristic, ...


If as a freelance engineering partner you are interested in a rewarding, trustful and long term relationship with a ...


In December of 1998 Delta Control was formed, located at Hennef in Germany.

Jürgen Jelitko

Dipl. Engineer  Jürgen JelitkoManaging Director and partner in the firm

Kay-Uwe Giebler

Kay-Uwe GieblerManaging Director and partner in the firm


The Delta Control GmbH is led by two directors. The duties of their office are divided into different responsibilities.


Through partnership to success.

Permanent Employment

When you are not only looking for an excellent job with career prospects, but also for a secure job with a future, ...


We see quality as fulfilling the complete expectations of our customers. Therefore, we operate our quality management ...


The managing directors delegate the work into clearly defined areas of responsibility.


The areas that reflect the activities of our company could be called business fields. We speak of this in the context ...


Since the founding of the Delta Control GmbH as a company for automation in 1998, the company has been in constant ...

Training for qualification

Our Company trains IT-business/computer specialists, guides students and supports diploma thesis work regarding ...